Jennie + Josh [engaged] Part I

Meet Jennie + Josh.

Last year Jennie sent me an email inquiring about wedding photos. I sent her my information and then she sent me a response, and then before we knew it we were sending page long emails back and forth about this and that. Turns out Jen and I had a lot in common. After talking about ourselves, we started talking about our guys. Turned out the guys had a lot in common as well! We arrange a fabulous little double date so we all could finally meet. We stayed up until what Jake and I would call the wee hours of the morning. (We soon found out that this was pretty normal for Jennie and Josh…just wait till you two are married!) Pretty soon Jake and I were heading to Wichita to hang out with them, and other times they were coming to McPherson to see us. A couple of times Jennie and I fell asleep while the guys stayed up talking for what seemed like hours! That’s pretty unusual if you ask me.

I am shooting their wedding in May, but I won’t just be going as their photographer, I will be going as one of their friends celebrating the start of their new life! It is so amazing to see how this relationships started, and it is one of the main reasons I love my job. I am so excited to have met Jennie and Josh. Jake and I have so much fun hanging out with them and we can’t wait for their wedding!

Here is Part I of their engagement shoot. We did a mini shoot at this cute little tea room next to the Doughnut Hole in Wichita. Part II is next!


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