WE ARE Reeves Photo Co.

Our Story

I started shooting in 2007, with my first real gig being my best friend's senior photos, and then I started shooting a few weddings in the mix.


After getting some second shooter experience and a few more weddings under my belt, the market dramatically picked up in 2010. At that point, Jake started shooting weddings alongside me.


In 2016 we had a dramatic life change. Jake felt the Lord calling him to a full-time Creative Arts Pastor position at New Life Community Church in Gardner, Kansas. We literally dropped everything to move there, and haven't looked back!


In 2018 we welcomed our first daughter and started taking fewer weddings to spend more time together. I have since then taken on more portrait, interior, & editorial work, and have limited myself to shooting up to five weddings a year.


Photography has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I truly love that I am able to gift timeless images to you!


Thank you to each one of you who have entrusted us with your wedding day or portrait session, and I look forward to what the future holds!



While staying on top of trends is very tempting, it is also ever-changing. I have spent so many years trying to perfect a more natural approach to our photography and editing style so that your photos can remain timeless for years to come.


I want you to be able to view the images and get a real sense of what everything looked like that day, while also making sure skin tones and floral elements remain as natural and realistic as possible.


For interior and editorial shoots, I am a huge fan of natural light pouring into the room. It helps show off the design elements and makes the viewers feel like they can see themselves standing right there with you!





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Interior & Lifestyle photographer