We adopted a puppy! His name is Digby and he’s a Terrier/Boxer mix. We had been searching for a few weeks for a terrier mix at a few humane societies. Low and behold, Wichita’s new humane society had just received a litter of 4 boys. Jake and I had a good feeling about it, and the next night we went and picked up our little guy. He has been a lot of fun so far. He is currently my lap dog, although that won’t last long =)


If you are searching for a new pet I highly suggest looking at your local and surrounding humane societies before finding a breeder. They have so many cute and lovable dogs, puppies and elders that need a home! There are several benefits of adopting as well that you can read on their websites. We got ours in at the new Wichita Humane Society We also looked at several others beforehand including Newton’s Caring Hands Humane Society


Here are a few photos we’ve taken so far. He enjoys getting his belly rubbed as you can see in the last photo. We are kind of smitten =)

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