31 Bits Jewelry Event TODAY!

What is 31 Bits?

31 Bits is an organization that believes the most effective means of economic and sustainable growth comes through maximizing the skills and assets already possessed by a group of people and through giving them access to new and innovative opportunities. (pulled straight from 31 Bits literature)

31 Bits has made it possible for woman in Uganda to make and sell their jewelry at a national level. Pretty neat huh? The best part, is while they are making their jewelry (all from recycled paper!) they also are involved in programs such as learning English and other life skills to help them in their futures. This program has empowered woman to rise above poverty and seek out their dreams.

When I visited 31 Bits website I instantly wanted to find a way to contribute. I saw that they offered house parties and I thought to myself, what better time to have one around Christmas?  Because Jake and I have a cozy little home that wouldn’t really due for a large crowd, I thought maybe I could make this more public and open it to complete strangers. (Crazy right?!) Well, God is good and has given me several opportunities to show 31 Bits jewelry and tell their story.

My good friend Traci and her husband just happened to own the swankiest local print shop here in McPherson and were kind enough to open their doors exclusively for a 31 Bits Jewelry Event this Saturday.  (See photo above for location and time)

Next weekend I will be showing it at the Vertical Violet in Wichita for their local vendors event. November 19th from 10am to 3pm, and lastly I will be doing a more intimate showing of the jewelry to my dear family on Thanksgiving Day =)


Do something a little more this year by helping the woman in Uganda. Buy it for yourself, or make it a fun gift for someone special.




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