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With every wedding we shoot, I pencil in a quick ten minute bridal session as soon as the bride is completely dressed and ready. (I tell the bride before the day of, but if we are running behind on the day of I use my discretion to decide if we can fit this in or not.) I love these sessions so much for so many reasons! The bride is usually very emotional at this stage, ready to see her groom and everything is feeling ‘real’ at this point. She also looks her freshest in terms of hair and make up. I either take the bride to another area or I gently ask everyone to leave the room we are currently in so we can have these precious ten minutes to ourselves. This allows the bride to take a moment to breathe without the hustle and bustle around her, and it allows me to get images like these!

I wish we would have gotten a ‘behind-the-scenes’ shot of this set up because it was not as beautiful as what you see here. This was taken at the end of a church hallway covered in posters, between a doorway and an exit door. It was a tight fit, with not much wiggle room for different angles. We turned the hall lights off, but the florescent light directly above us would not turn off because it was the emergency light. Jake stood on a chair with a large reflector with the black side out blocking the light so we would have only natural light shining on the bride. The shooting time for this was seven minutes total. In just seven minutes we were able to create these timeless images that Courtney will be able to cherish forever. It was quick, simple, and over with plenty of time to prepare for the ceremony.

Have a plan ahead of time as to where you want to take these portraits, and make it happen!


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