Two is Better Than One

I have been DYING to finally make this into an official announcement!!! Beautiful Isolations Photography is no longer just a one man show!

Over the past few years my husband Jake has been slowly integrating into the business side of things, helping me with pricing and marketing. Giving his two cents here and there. Then I’d drag him along to weddings so I had an extra set of hands, but he wasn’t second shooting and he was steadily bored stiff when not active. The more weddings I took him on, the more he whined about not having a camera in his hands to not feel like a child following me around. I purchased a backup camera for my own security and Jake began shooting alongside me at weddings he was available for. It has already been such an amazing journey. Going from hardly ever having a second shooter/assistant, to all of the sudden having my husband next to me most shoots was quite the change. He is so much more intuitive to small details and he is super tech savvy.  I can’t believe how far he’s progressed as a photographer in the past year.  In fact, most people don’t realize that about 1 out of every 8 photos was probably taken by Jake if he was there.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’d get a little stubborn and hard to work with when he’d ask me questions that I’d never thought of. (Mainly because I was mad I didn’t think of them ahead of time) He makes me think about what is next, which is a huge part of being a wedding photographer. I am usually just thinking about what is happening now! It’s also nice having him around when there are equipment issues. If there is a problem, he solves it! (check out the hook, while my dj revolves it…) ((If you just got that you are now my best friend))

To make my long story short, you should start to notice Jake will be handling a lot more of our e-mail communications as he loves writing and he will be present at most shoots when his job allows.  Overall, you shouldn’t notice large changes as much of what Jake is handling is behind the scenes, but I don’t want anyone startled if Jake is helping you with any questions or issues.  His role will hopefully grow over the years and allow me to focus more of my efforts on the creativity behind the camera and in post editing. I’m also extremely excited to be involving Jake as he is ridiculously organized and I’ve grown to understand that helps me out a ton!  I’m looking forward to what this addition will allow Beautiful Isolations to do for all you beautiful people!



Hey Friends,

This is my first post on behalf of Beautiful Isolations and let me just say I’m ‘PUMPED!’.  I’ve been tiptoeing my way around the edges for a few years now and ever since Sarah introduced me to CreativeLive so I could dive into the technical side of photography I’ve been hooked.  Personally, I love playing with artificial lighting to pull unreal photos that make me feel like I’m “a real photographer’. 🙂  I won’t be at every single wedding or session, but I will be meeting almost all of you through our client meetings and e-mails.  I apologize if I don’t write and speak as cutesy as Sarah, but it’s hard to do that when you grow as great of a mustache as I do(unfortunately, not evident in these photos).  I tend to ooze “pure man” from all of my pores. haha!  It has been an awesome journey so far supporting Sarah on this journey as she has grown ten-fold from the little emo girl in high school I fell for.  I’m excited to be a true “team member” now and make Beautiful Isolations Photography even more beautiful, more isolationy, and more photography’y.

Seriously though, thank you everyone for your continued support and patronage.  It’s been great to meet the people we have over the years and form relationships that are as valuable to us as your photos are to you.  Sarah will still be your go-to-gal, but I hope that I get a chance to make everyone’s lives a little smoother.  I will leave you with one final note: If you want me to LOVE your wedding.  Have a candy bar or some sort of candy.  It could be an outdoor wedding in deadly hail, with a marathon running theme where everyone has to run 20 miles between locations, and your groom could look and act Voldemort, but if you have candy I will love the day.





All photos below were actual photos taken by Jake or simply portraits of him that Sarah took


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