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First looks are magical, they are intimate, they are emotional. I absolutely love them. Although the choice is completely up to my couples, I do love talking about this option to them. When a couple is unsure as to why they should have a first look or not, here is what I share with them.

First off, when I do first looks, I do them privately. I ask everyone in advance to not be in our designated area, and to be unseen. This creates a very intimate atmosphere, and is really the only time during the whole day that the couple gets to actually have a moment alone. The groom and I set up for the moment, and the bride comes soon after, anxiously walking towards her groom. (His back is facing her) When she is ready she asks him to turn around, and then the emotions pour out. They see each other for the first time. They hug, kiss, cry, and laugh. It is so beautiful. Once I feel like I have captured the emotions of their first look, I quietly slip out so they can truly be alone for a few minutes before we move onto the next part of their day.

I have to be honest with you right now. Every since my husband and I got married, I almost always cry while I photograph a couples’ first look. I feel like a broken record, but it is just so beautiful. We chose to do this at our wedding and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. That is a moment that I will always treasure.

The perks of having a first look are pretty simple. If you see each other before the ceremony, that means we get to do all the family and bridal party photographs before the ceremony. After you walk down the isle as man and wife you don’t have to stress over all the photographs we still have to do. You get to spend the rest of your evening carefree and with your loved ones. If you choose a first look, you get to see each other for the first time alone instead of in front of hundreds of your guests. I feel like this is kind of petty, but if you hate crying in front of people (ME!) than nothing is better than seeing each other for the first time alone. Let those tears roll! Besides that, the moment is just unbeatable. You get to talk to each other, and touch, and kiss all right then and there!

Here are a few photos from Tiffany & Seth’s first look. I LOVED the way they chose to do theirs. Before they saw one another, they exchanged love letters. Once they finished reading them, they turned around to see each other for the first time. I still get chills thinking about this moment. It was amazing!


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  • Stephanie HendersonLove this Sarah!! I absolutely loved how you did our “first look” moment for us!! Things were so hectic that day leading up to the ceremony that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about it had you not suggested. You took the time to get the hubby rounded up, backyard emptied and coordinate with me on the phone on my way to the house, it was perfect! In all seriousness that was the first time (in what I felt had been months and probably had) that I felt as if weight had been lifted all the stress of planning was gone and it was finally “our day” to have & to make memories.
    Thank you so much once again for all you do and how you do it, I feel I will never be able to say Thanks enough for all you did for us and our absolutely beautiful photographs we have to bring back that heart flutter, butterflies and amazing feelings from that special day.


  • EmileeThank you for sharing this. I’m so honored that you’ll be photographing our wedding, including the first look. I know that we have entrusted the perfect person to capture the love that day.ReplyCancel

    • SarahYay!!! Makes me smile ear to ear reading your comment Emilee! Cannot wait for your wedding!ReplyCancel

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