J’llysa & Matthew | A Lovely Coffeyville, Kansas Wedding

Kim & I finally meeting! (Excuse my nappy hair…we were nice and sweaty!)

J’llysa & Matt had their beautiful wedding at the Cedar Bluff Camp in Coffeyville, Kansas. This wedding was one of the most creative and totally DIY weddings I’ve shot yet! It was a photographers dream =) On top of all the details being amazing, they also did something very unique during the ceremony. Their mothers tied rope around Matt & J’llysa’s hands as to signify that they have become one in marriage. It was such a beautiful process, and something I’d never seen done before.

This wedding was also pretty special to me. Matt is the brother to Kim, who has been one of my online photographer friends for years now! I’m talking, when myspace first started, we became friends….that long! We FINALLY got to meet at the wedding! Kim is the photographer behind Simple Splindor Photography!

So any who…the wedding was a delight. Matt & J’llysa were so fun and enjoyable to work with. The whole day was just so laid back and gorgeous! If we didn’t live so far away I’m almost positive we’d be besties.

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