Easton Charles [pt2]

Well, if you don’t know me and my family yet then let me just fill you in. I have two older sisters who have been making babies for the past 4 years. I now am a proud aunt of five girls and two boys. Liz has one girl and two boys (Mya, August, and Easton) and Becky has four girls (Tailyn, Birkley, and the twins Kyndrix and Harlow) They are kind of amazing =)

Now that you are up to date, here are a few photos I took while visiting baby Easton’s first day home.

My nieces Birkley and Tailyn holding him

This would be Birkley trying to tickle August (Easton’s big brother) after he woke up from his nap. Not too excited about it as you can see!


I surprised Liz by bringing our Grandma with me to visit. She is holding Kyndrix…one of the twins.

Me & Easton



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